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Project Time! Adding Storage To Your Jeep Gladiator! Project Time! Adding Storage To Your Jeep Gladiator!
One thing that all Jeep owners have in common is the need to store and organize our “stuff”. While there are a bunch of... Project Time! Adding Storage To Your Jeep Gladiator!

One thing that all Jeep owners have in common is the need to store and organize our “stuff”. While there are a bunch of aftermarket solutions to help us out…this can be a good thing and a bad thing, as options can be overwhelming.

Another thing we all have in common is the desire to make it our own and have the flexibility to change and modify things as we need. It’s the reason we drive Jeeps!


The 2020 Jeep Gladiator that I recently purchased was already set up pretty well with a low-rise American Adventure Labs Rack and a Gen1 Smittybilt roof top overland tent. It also had a fridge slider mounted to some Mac’s tie downs track (more on this later). But I needed some additional cargo management help. Where would I store fuel cans if I needed to? How would I keep small items secure but in reach? Enter BuiltRight Industries and their Bedside Rack Systems.

Using the factory mounting points, their racks are sturdy and designed to keep your stuff organized in many different configurations.


Simple. Strong. And a ton of configuration possibilities. Perfect! I had laid out what gear I needed to secure before I purchased the Rack which in reality was pretty basic. Two Rotopax fuel containers and if possible my 10lb PowerTank. Easy.


I also ordered a couple of their MOLLE/PALS storage bags called Tech Pouches…just because who doesn’t like bags to put things in…and a Quick Fist Riser Mount – Super Clamp to hold the PowerTank. Everything arrived quickly and was very well packaged. The racks mount to the existing rail system or aftermarket rails and also tie into the front bottom “rings” on each side. The center section uses 8 screws to attach to the side panels. Once everything is lined up and tightened, it’s amazing how sturdy this set up is!


I did have to align things a couple times because my OCD wanted everything exactly straight but even doing that the installation took well under an hour.

Mounting the 3 gallon Rotopax cans to the rack was easy as well thanks to the BuiltRight mounting plates sold separately. I used one of these for each can which made mounting them a piece of cake. Simply attach the Rotopax mount to this piece and the attach it to where you want it on the rack. I will add that the cans are tall and hit the top portion of the bedrail which causes them to stand out a little bit from the rack which I thought was going to be an issue…but the Rotopax DLX mounting hardware is long enough so my concerns were eased.




With the PowerTank in the Speedbag, things are very tight. While it looks like there is room to move the Rotopax out a little bit, the stock attachment rings would be difficult to get to and the bolt that attaches the rack top the rail would interfere with the fuel cans. That said, everything fit and is SUPER secure and tight. My Crazy Beaver shovel is also mounted using the Quick Fist small clamps to the underside of the AAL low rise rack. I’m super pleased how secure the fuel cans are…I won’t have to worry about them flying around in the bed.

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