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[pics & vid] The ModernJeeper Adventure – Moab! [pics & vid] The ModernJeeper Adventure – Moab!
Remember when we were kids and all we wanted to do was go to the amusement park…the “fun place”…where all of our friends went?... [pics & vid] The ModernJeeper Adventure – Moab!

Remember when we were kids and all we wanted to do was go to the amusement park…the “fun place”…where all of our friends went? It’s like “Cheers” for Jeepers!

For the Modern Jeeper, that place has become Moab, Utah. A place where “Adventure Begins…”.

It has become THE iconic Mecca for the Jeep enthusiast. Scenic. Extreme. Beautiful. Amazing. And somehow a place where every Jeeper can feel at home.

I am lucky. Moab is what I consider my back yard. It is where I learned to drive off the road. It is where I learned what what our amazing Jeep vehicles can do. It is the essence of the Jeep lifestyle.

As a side note, this was also the inaugural trip for Golden Spike (my recently built 2004 LJ) on the first trail I ever did in Moab, Golden Spike…and I had a blast…so did Golden Spike!


For the second year, we held a ModernJeeper Adventure in this iconic location. Partnered with our friends at Outlaw Jeep Adventures, this second year was much more “extreme” than our first year…but that was per request…and we were happy to oblige.

Three days of Moab, beginning with registration and some awesome food…followed by two days of some of the best that Moab has to offer…the world famous Golden Spike trail followed by a Jeeper favorite that overlooks the entire Moab city, Moab Rim, also just called “the Rim”.

Amazing food. Breakfast each morning at our meeting spot, deli prepared lunches and an awesome taste of Moab experience for dinners including an evening at Grandpa’s Garage (Danny Grimes’ personal residence)…

and the final night at the one and only Moab Brewery!

If you have been wanting to experience all that Moab has to offer…look no further. Our goal is to provide the ultimate in the Moab Experience in the years to come at an affordable price. For additional information please check out our other website at




I also had the pleasure of enjoying this Adventure with another friend of mine, Brian. He has been on a few of these adventures with me and we have been wheeling friends for a number of years…If someone happens to break or needs some assistance he has been an awesome asset for us over the years. One of the participants tore off their tack bar mount…but no worries…we got him back to the shop and fixed it so he was able to drive all the way back to California!

The following video’s were shot by a couple of our favorite participants, Jim and Deb. I’ve never driven the entire length of Golden Spike while someone ran along side….FOR THE ENTIRE TRAIL! A shout out to Deb and her amazing passion for doing what she does! Check out DJK Films for more things Jeep! DJK Films Page. PLEASE watch their videos and follow their journeys!



As always, these Adventures would not be possible without our amazing participants and sponsors! A huge shout out to MetalCloak, Rugged Radios, Warn, Milestar Stars, Bestop, Raceline Wheels and of course Outlaw Jeep Adventures for use of their facility and their guidance!

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