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[pics & podcast] 20k MileStar Patagonia X/T Tire Review [pics & podcast] 20k MileStar Patagonia X/T Tire Review
We have been running the Milestar Patagonia tires for a couple of years now…on all of our rigs. Those that have seen us around... [pics & podcast] 20k MileStar Patagonia X/T Tire Review

We have been running the Milestar Patagonia tires for a couple of years now…on all of our rigs. Those that have seen us around the country at Jeep shows and events know that we work our equipment pretty hard. When the 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 was new, we switched over from the stock tires and wheels to Raceline wheels and Patagonia A/T tires in load range E. The A/T’s were a fantastic tire and performed very well, but we were wanting a tire that looked a little more aggressive with the performance of a working class tire. When Milestar let us know that the X/T’s were coming…well…we jumped on them!

For some tire insight and education, you can take a listen to our Podcast…way back in Episode #10, with Mr. Andrew Hoit of Milestar Tire.

We are on our second set of the X/T tire. The truck that we run these tires on pulls a heavy car hauler style of trailer, the MetalCloak CTI Trailer, with a Jeep, full time. The combination of the trailer and show inventory means that we are LOADED 95 % of the time (the trailer and Jeep weigh right around 10,000 lbs.). In other words this is a working truck, pulling heavy loads thousands of miles, regularly.

We are fortunate in that we have the opportunity to run any tire we chose. In the years past, we have run Goodyear (Silent Armor), Toyo, Falken, BFG’s and Nitto on tow vehicles, all with good results. Many times it all comes down to one thing: Maintenance. Keeping tires rotated, balanced and at the proper pressures will help your tire last…but I’m always amazed by how many folks don’t do this.

Even tire mounting can make a difference! The X/T’s didn’t take much weight to balance and were fairly straightforward to mount. Some Load Range E tires can be a bear to mount…and ask me sometime about mounting the Milestar Steelpro, 14 ply tires! Let’s just say that the more plies there are, the stiffer the sidewall. The X/T is also a good looking tire. It’s aggressive without being so open that it looks like a mud tire. It’s quiet and smooth on the highway which is just what we were looking for.

The tire works very good on wet roads and in the rain, and also feels very stable with good traction in the snow! We keep them rotated and rebalance about every 5,000 miles.

During the initial few thousand miles the tires appeared to wear quickly, which was concerning to me. But after taking a measurement it was only about the first 1/32″ or so, which on a new tire can be referred to as the “squirm” wearing off. Once the initial 1/32″ was worn off, the tire settled down and stabilized. I don’t incorporate the spare when I rotate tires, I only rotate the four on the ground.

I suggest finding a tire shop that you trust and one that has had their tire balance machine calibrated recently…or at least knows when the last time their machine was calibrated. Not all tire balance machines are created equally!

After 20,ooo miles on this set, they are holding up very well! Like I mentioned, keeping them rotated and balanced is important.

We got about 38,000 miles out of the first set of X/T’s we had on this truck and I expect to get about the same out of this set. For a tire that is more aggressive than an A/T but not as aggressive as an M/T, with excellent road manners in many different types of conditions, MileStar has a winner with their X/T!


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