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[pics] Headlights & The J.W. Speaker Evo J3, Pt. 2 [pics] Headlights & The J.W. Speaker Evo J3, Pt. 2
Since we all seem to want to turn night into day, we are taking a look into the newest headlight release from J.W. Speaker,... [pics] Headlights & The J.W. Speaker Evo J3, Pt. 2

Since we all seem to want to turn night into day, we are taking a look into the newest headlight release from J.W. Speaker, their EVO J3.

As a recap from the first part of this article, the EVO J3 is a 7″ LED headlight made to replace the stock headlights in your Jeep JK…or any vehicle that you can fit a 7″ light into.

A Few of its Features:

  • Five functions packed into one superior Jeep LED Headlight: High Beam, Low Beam, Turn Signal, Front Position, and Daytime Running Light (DRL)*
  • Powerful LEDS & carefully engineered light patterns give you the best visibility & driving experience
  • Dual Burn® high beam provides both widespread visibility and a powerful punch of light down the road
  • Bluetooth connectivity with the J-Link™ App to unlock exclusive features
  • SmartHeat heated lens option to light your adventure year-round
  • Easy plug & play installation
  • Street Legal, supporting DOT & ECE compliance for on-road use
  • Unique look; available with black or graphite bezel
  • Compatible with the Trail 6 Pro; Replace stock JK turn signals with the Trail 6 Pro

J-Link™ Technology:
Unlock exclusive features. Built-in Bluetooth® technology gives you access to controls & features exclusively through the J-Link app. Download the free app for IOS & Android devices to unlock Off-Road, Guide, and Party Modes in your EVO J3 headlights. Pair with the Trail 6 Pro for additional power and control off-road.

And Includes SmartHeat® Technology:
Be seen in all conditions with the SmartHeat technology from J.W. Speaker. Smart heating system built into the lamp that automatically senses ambient temperatures and turns on, deicing the surface of the lens.

I’m installing these lights into my 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (LJ) which will fit perfectly but must be re-wired since the LJ has a different adapter plug than the JK…but it’s not a difficult thing to do once you figure out which of your wires do what. The included adapters make installing them into the Jeep JK super easy and fast!


A little splicing for the LJ and the lights work exactly as they should.



These lights are built extremely well. The housings are robust and you can see and feel the quality.


So how do they perform? Extremely well as expected. Like the prior versions of this light, the J.W. Speaker optics and beam patterns are tough to beat. I put together a few images of what the J3 pattern looks like versus the 1st generation light…with the J3 in the driver side and the 1st gen in the passenger bucket. We will talk about headlight aiming and adjustment near the end of the article. These images were taken with the lights being roughly aimed but not final adjusted.

The 1st gen light provides good cutoff and decent hotspot.

The J3 has an excellent cutoff with (hard to see in the picture) a more disbursed lower spread.

The hotspot on the J3 is larger and has a lot more punch to it.

The 1st gen has a thinner hotspot but good overall dispersion of light.

The J3 has an amazing hotspot for punch through and the lower light dispersion is very consistent and much broader than the 1st gen.

Aiming Those New Lights

Something I know that we have all encountered is the Jeep driving towards us, blinding us with their lights…or the guy behind us melting our rear view mirror because their lights are not properly aimed. What’s worse is that it is such a simple thing to do yet nobody takes the time to do it! That said, this method works best with a vehicle that sits mostly level, and you need a level surface.

  1. You will need a wall, some tape, and a tape measure.
  2. Pull up close as you can to the wall with your lights on
  3. Mark with the tape a “+” where the center of your lights hit
  4. Backup 25′ as straight as you can and view the hotspots.
  5. Adjust your lights using the adjustment screws usually located inside the mounting bezel.

You can also see J.W. Speaker’s alignment instructions HERE.

Aiming your headlights is one of the absolute MUST things you should do even with your stock headlights. It really can make a world of difference…like a night and day difference 🙂

These new J3 headlights are awesome. The cutoff pattern is excellent and the amount of usable light is extraordinary. I’ve not used the app yet to unlock Off-Road, Guide, and Party Modes…but will let you know if Party Mode is anything less!

These lights are expensive! But in my opinion, you get what you pay for. I’m giving these lights 5 out of 5 MJ’s

For more information on these amazing headlights:

The EVO J3

J.W. Speaker Headquarters

Physical / Mailing Address
N120 W19434 Freistadt Road
PO Box 1011
Germantown, Wisconsin 53022

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
7:30am CT – 4:00pm CT
(Central Time Zone)

Phone: 262 251-6660
Fax: 262 251-2918
Toll Free: 800 558-7288


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