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[pics] 22 Years of Building a Jeep — Oh, the Mistakes (and Some Notable Successes); Part 2 [pics] 22 Years of Building a Jeep — Oh, the Mistakes (and Some Notable Successes); Part 2
Part 2 of the build story of my old Red Jeep, “Seein’ Red” as we call him. C UN RD (license plate), the Land... [pics] 22 Years of Building a Jeep — Oh, the Mistakes (and Some Notable Successes); Part 2

Part 2 of the build story of my old Red Jeep, “Seein’ Red” as we call him.

C UN RD (license plate), the Land Use War Machine has had 5 suspensions; 4 rear ends; 4 sets of wheels; 3 front ends; 3 transfer cases; and 3 sets of seats, plus untold numbers of other changes including a (near) complete restoration/rebuild at Wyotech University after a slight mishap on the Rubicon Trail (featured pic sort of shows the results) .  Here are some tech tips learned in this on-going rebuild.

Terraflex (short arms)
Rubicon Express (long arm kit)
TNT Customs (long arm and high steer)
TNT Customs with Metalcloak (long arm, Rocksport shocks and dual-rate coils)

Rear Ends:
Dana 44, Currie
Ford 9, Currie

Front Ends:
Stock (Dana 30)
Dana 44 (Currie)
Currie Rock Jock 44

Transfer Cases;
Four-to-One (4:1) early model
Atlas by Advance Adapters (5:1)

Daily Driver, PRP
RallyVenture Luxury, PRP

Stickers and Sponsors/Partners:
100 stickers of sponsors, clubs and partners
50+ sponsors

Stock Alum
Alum Bat Wings
Monster Beadlocks by Raceline

Here is more to the build story (see Part 1 here):

Breaking a motor mount then having your fan slam into your fan shroud is well, disturbing at best!  But we survived.  Todd Ockert poses with the damaged shroud before we made our way to the finish line — sort of…

I tested Red’s articulation all around the country making sure the parts were doing their job.  And yes, I always carry a trash sack on the back — helping keep trails clean and open.


Todd Ockert and I doing the vendor show at a convention of the Calif. 4Wheel Drive Association.


Whatever I mount in Red is mounted to stay!  Measure twice; mount once. RAM Mounts work!

Good, reliable lighting systems are essential for the kind of wheeling I do. I mounted the rocker switches of the front and rear lights where I can easily reach them as driver. sPOD has served me well in all conditions and weather.

Adding a 1/4 ton trailer to Red for his overlanding adventures proved essential.  You just can’t get enough gear in a TJ.

Stacie and I enjoying a pic moment in Moab.

This spare tire organizing system was one of my better moves.  I put things there that I don’t want buried in the TJ like jumper cables, first aid kit, spill kit, windshield washing stuff and snacks.

While I hold no claim to being a welder, this baby has saved several fellow four-wheelers on more than one trail.  Remember if you’re going to have a welder, have the right gear to do the job safely.


Welding with the Premier Power Welder at Airport Flat on Busted Bronco


Yup, Red went through the bicycles on the back phase.  Again, proper tie-downs are critical.  My choice as always been Mac’s.

Access Army Ricochet Rockers Sliders from Poison Spyder during installation


The students at Wyotech built a massive rear rack system for Red.  Turns out I overloaded it too many times.  Heavy in the butt means spare tire stands if you’re not careful.  Learn to downsize.


A 12volt (good) refrigerator is so much better than an ice chest in my book.  Don’t go cheap and get one that plugs into your cigarette lighter only to drain your Jeep battery.  I use this one also in my 1/4 ton trailer.


One of the many magazine covers featuring Red.



Oh yea, launch a boat! 


This is Red the day we picked him back up from Wyotech University. 


Wheelers for the Wounded Rubicon Trail (veterans run) 2009


If you do side hills and steep trails like in Moab, being top heavy is not the best plan.  I found myself leaning too much towards the river!


Red the jeep packed for camping on the Rubicon Trail, just after Wyotech

Feel free to post up any questions you might have. I hope you enjoyed this saga of 22 years of building a TJ.

Part I is here.

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