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How NOT To Flat Tow a Jeep Wrangler How NOT To Flat Tow a Jeep Wrangler
It sounds so easy for a Jeep TJ and a manual transmission: Depress the brake pedal Depress the clutch pedal Shift the transfer case... How NOT To Flat Tow a Jeep Wrangler

It sounds so easy for a Jeep TJ and a manual transmission:

  1. Depress the brake pedal
  2. Depress the clutch pedal
  3. Shift the transfer case into N (Neutral)
  4. Start engine
  5. Place manual transmission into gear (second or third gear are the most popular. Don’t make the mistake of putting it into Neutral as this will prevent the transmission from being lubricated and it will burn up while being towed.)
  6. Release brake pedal to ensure no movement
  7. Shut engine off and place the ignition key into the unlocked OFF position (this allows the steering wheel to turn while being towed).
  8. Apply parking brake
  9. Attach Jeep to tow vehicle
  10. Release parking brake

But as many of you have probably already seen, a recent towing mishap created $30,000+ in damages to a 2021 Jeep.

The owner of this rig mistakenly left the Wrangler in 4-low as he pulled it behind his RV…and what was even worse it that it was also in 1st gear. The Jeep JL manual states to never exceed 25 mph in 4-low, which we al know is meant for low gearing, extreme torque and terrain driving. The mechanic estimated that at 55 mph, the 3.6L V6 was turning about 50,000 RPM. Thats right…50,000!

So not only did the transfer case and transmission get obliterated, but the excessive RPMs sheered the crankshaft off and sent two pistons and rods into the block. Not to mention the clutch and flywheel turned into dust, I guess as they were sent through the transmission’s bell housing.

We feel for the owner, but hope that reminder of what not to do helps a few of us out there!

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