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RIP Kevin Carroll – [pics] EJS Black Flag CRAWL Readers Ride RIP Kevin Carroll – [pics] EJS Black Flag CRAWL Readers Ride
EDITOR’S NOTE: As a tribute to a friend and fellow wheeler, I have decided to repost this article to honor Kevin Carroll. The Owner/Fabricator of... RIP Kevin Carroll – [pics] EJS Black Flag CRAWL Readers Ride

EDITOR’S NOTE: As a tribute to a friend and fellow wheeler, I have decided to repost this article to honor Kevin Carroll. The Owner/Fabricator of Red Dot Engineering located in Moab, Utah, most know of him as the driver and creator of amazing vehicles that we call the “Red Dot Cars”. An amazing driver, a family man and just an all around good guy…Kevin will be missed by many. Kevin always pushed things to the extreme…and I’m sure that is the way he would want his friends to remember him.

Many of these images were not posted in the original article.

According to Merriam-Webster the definition of “Extreme” is as follows:

a  :  existing in a very high degree <extreme poverty>
b  :  going to great or exaggerated lengths :  radical <went on an extreme diet>
c  :  exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected <extreme weather conditions>
d  :  of, relating to, or being an outdoor activity or a form of a sport (as skiing) that involves an unusually high degree of physical risk <extreme mountain biking down steep slopes>
 e  :  involved in an extreme sport <an extreme snowboarder>

AREA BFE defines this trail as follows:


Trail Rating: Expert trail. No Exceptions
Description: Do not attempt without a day to spend and at least three vehicles. NOTE: Nobody has completed this trail!
Requirements: Min. 40″ tires, Lockers, Winch, spare parts, SPOTTERS and 3 Vehicles – Do not attempt alone!

Well, as it turns out, I’ve done a bit of 4-wheeling over the past number of years, but after watching a group of VERY talented individuals during the CRAWL Magazine Readers Ride event held at Area BFE traverse a trail called Black Flag, I really had no idea what “Extreme” really meant. I thought I did…I was mistaken. I guess everything is relative, but this is some hard core really tough wheeling.
Over the years we have all heard “bring the best equipment, because the tow truck can’t make it…”, well, this trail has been around quite a while, and I’m told that only a handful of REAR STEER buggies have made it unassisted…and NO non-rear steer vehicle has ever made it. Tow truck? Forget it! In fact, if you roll into some of these crevices, it will probably be best to just leave it…forever….really.
The most asked question I got all day was “Where’s the line?” and “Where do they go next?”…both great questions! Questions that only Kevin Carroll, owner at Red Dot Engineering, can answer…this is his trail…these are his lines. I followed Kevin and a few others up this path of huge rock…for about 6 hours…the entire trail is maybe 1/2 mile long. Some made it, some did not.
The order of the day was BFG sticky’s, 50 degrees of rear steering, 40 spline Spidertrax axles, nerves of steel and big, very big, cajones…
Rest in Peace Kevin.
The original Gallery can also be viewed here:
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And of course CRAWL Magazine:

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  • Phillip

    July 4, 2019 #1 Author

    Thanks for reposting Corey. This is a great tribute to what Kevin did and how tough a truly hard trail is. Happy 4th!


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