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[catie’s corner] Roadtripping with the Jeep Down the 101 [catie’s corner] Roadtripping with the Jeep Down the 101
Today we venture back to last Spring when Catie took us down the coastline on the famous Highway 101.  We’ve heard folks are planning... [catie’s corner] Roadtripping with the Jeep Down the 101

Today we venture back to last Spring when Catie took us down the coastline on the famous Highway 101.  We’ve heard folks are planning ocean-side trips with this warm weather we’re having in the west. No matter how you use your Jeep we’ve got you covered at ModenJeeper. 

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California here we come! During my time in the Pacific Northwest, I took quite a few road trips down the iconic coastal highway, also known as Route 101. This drive is a bucket-list item for most, and I see why! The scenery is nothing less than spectacular.

We drove down this scenic route from Portland, Oregon, all the way through the redwoods in California. Driving along the coast was incredible. The water is a gorgeous blue and the mountains are stunning. The west coast is full of life and adventure.

During the Springtime, you can head to Depot Bay in Oregon for some awesome whale watching as they migrate. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to witness these cool creatures. Another thing I quickly learned about the west is the Oregon Coast is full of rocky shores and chillier, windy weather. These weren’t the East Coast beaches I’m used to!

As you keep heading south, you’ll come across the Devil’s Punchbowl. You have to stop here. It is incredible! The shot above is taken from the overlook, so anyone, even with physical limits can enjoy the view. If you’re feeling up to it, you can hike down to the bottom of the Punchbowl. If the tide is low enough, you can actually walk inside it!

Need a city? Newport is a great stop along the Oregon Coast just outside of the Punchbowl. Here you can find some great food and drinks, as well as some shops. Once you see this massive bridge you’ll immediately recognize Newport.

Pro tip – if you like wine, the Oregon Coast has some of the best you can find. I discovered my new favorite kind of wine here – pinot gris, and never looked back! Newport also has some of the best seafood I’ve tried to date.

Another fantastic stop along the coastal highway is at Thor’s Well. Depending on the time of day and the tide, water can come shooting up 10 feet into the air! Don’t get too close though, waves also come crashing over the sides of the coastline surrounding the well, so make sure you admire from a safe distance! I learned the hard way and got soaked from a surprise side-wave almost immediately. ?

Basically anywhere you are on the coast, you can catch an amazing sunset. Regardless of the weather, you are guaranteed a gorgeous drive. Once we got to California, we stopped in Crescent City and watched the sunset over the lighthouse and ocean from our hotel balcony.

Keep heading down the 101 and you may travel through time! We came across some dinosaurs, right around the time when the Jurassic World movie was coming out, so you know this Jeepher was excited!

You can continue driving down the coastal highway from Northern California, through San Francisco and into Los Angeles! I’ve also driven the southern route, which is just as fabulous. If you’re in this part, be sure to check out Bixby bridge in Big Sur!

There are a ton of breathtaking sights to see along the west coast. Which are your favorites? Comment below and let us know which places you fell in love with on the 101 or which ones you’ve added to your bucket list!

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Originally published on ModernJeeper April 26, 2019.

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