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[catie’s corner] Jeeping Through Fall in the PNW! [catie’s corner] Jeeping Through Fall in the PNW!
PACIFIC NORTHWEST JEEPING AND HIKING DELIGHTS DURING FALL As many of you know, I spent some time in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). I was... [catie’s corner] Jeeping Through Fall in the PNW!


As many of you know, I spent some time in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). I was lucky enough to spend a gorgeous spring, summer and fall here. Fall by far was the most stunning season there. Washington state is very mountainous and there are tons of trees and the bodies of water are as clear as bottled water, which makes it such a beautiful place to stay this time of year.

During the fall, the trees paint the most beautiful colors along the mountainsides. I’ve roadtripped down Skyline Drive back on the east coast in the fall which is breathtaking, but I have to say the PNW left me speechless. Anywhere you are in the PNW during the fall will be impressive.

I spent some time exploring the Cascade Mountains and fell in love with the area. It was unreal. I went on hikes and offroaded through some of the most spectacular woods I’ve seen to date!

The farther north you go, the more likely you are to hit snow and much colder weather. The winter season comes fast up here, so be prepared. I went on a few hikes in early Fall that required me to wear my snowboarding jacket, and I was still cold!! Honestly though, the views were absolutely worth it.

The picture above was taken in my driveway at the time. Even there it was incredible! I have never seen such a colorful forest in my life. I have to say out of all my travels, the Pacific Northwest holds a very special place in my heart. I don’t know when or how, but I know I will be back.

A lot of the bodies of water are glacier-fed, which means they are so clear you can see all the way to the bottom, depending on how deep it is of course. Coming from the east coast where the lakes and rivers are often muddy, I fell in love with this area quickly.

My Jeep took me to crazy places I never even thought existed. The PNW is very well preserved, so much in fact you may think you’re the first one to discover these hidden gems, even though you most likely aren’t.

One of my favorite ways to past the time (besides Jeeping) is hiking. I love challenging myself and exploring nature. The Pacific Northwest is packed with amazing trails to both hike and Jeep. These trails are some of the most unique I’ve been on yet. I did quite a bit of hiking during my time in the PNW and I hardly scratched the surface. I can’t wait to go back and hit more.

I was lucky enough to be staying at a house right next to a massive trail system that allowed me to explore all over the Cascade Mountains. The picture above is on one of those trails. Like many trails, there are no signs, you just go left or right and end up in a mysterious place. I love that. I never know where I’m going next on my roadtrips (it has been mostly unplanned since the beginning), so this was right up my alley.

The fall weather in the PNW varies. It can either be that nice cool fall weather we all love, or deathly chilly. After a summer of intense wildfires that caused low visibility, I was super happy to see such gorgeous fall scenery. Even driving to the grocery store I would find my jaw dropped in awe at the beauty.

Where is your favorite place to explore in the fall? Comment below and thanks for reading!

Catie Mean

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  • Harry

    May 24, 2019 #1 Author

    Very beautiful. I love the colors of the trees. You are doing a great job of enticing us to visit this part of the country. Keep up the good “work”.


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