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[catie’s corner] Exploring the Salton Sea in a Jeep! [catie’s corner] Exploring the Salton Sea in a Jeep!
SALT, SAND, BIRDS AND A JEEP As many of you know, I am roadtripping my way around the USA. I started on the east... [catie’s corner] Exploring the Salton Sea in a Jeep!


As many of you know, I am roadtripping my way around the USA. I started on the east coast and Jeeped my way to the west coast. I am currently in California on my next leg of the trip. One of the first things I did when I got to the SoCal region was hit up the infamous Salton Sea. And boy was I glad I timed that right!

The Salton Sea is located on the San Andreas fault not far from San Diego or Los Angeles. This shallow, saline lake is actually receding and the salt levels are continuing to increase. This means the ecosystem is threatened and wildlife will continue to decrease.

There are currently over 400 species of birds alone that call the Salton Sea home. This has been a great spot for fishing and birdwatching for years. Many people come to the Salton Sea on weekends for water sports, seeing as how it is a main water source in the desert landscape of Southern California. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, take a hike or kick back and relax.

One of the big attractions for people of all ages is the railroad that runs through the area. You will see many Southern Pacific railroad cars going by as you explore the area. This railroad helped to bring these iconic SoCal cities to life. Back in the day, it was a big deal to have a train stop in the middle of the desert. This lead to a booming agricultural center in Indio, and helped to further the railroad line as well.

The Salton Sea used to be theeee vacation spot, but now its popularity is fizzling out. Depending on the time of year, the Sea can give off an awful odor that can be smelled miles and miles away. The rotten egg stench luckily wasn’t too bad when I went in the spring, but I’d definitely advise keeping your distance in the summer to help avoid the smell. If you go later in the fall, you will experience less crowds as the desert starts to cool down from the scorching summer heat.

The Salton Sea is a great place to escape the SoCal city life and get away for a bit. When I first got to Cali, I was very overwhelmed with the intense city life after spending a few seasons in the desert. The Salton Sea was a great getaway to relax without the city sounds in the background. Where is your favorite place to get away from the city?


Catie Mean

Just a girl and her Wrangler roadtripping around the USA and Canada, while building my Jeep along the way. Each week I'll share fun adventures from my corner of the world.

  • Patrick Carter says:

    She should head up to the PNW and get together with some of the PNW4WDA folks. Trail ride the cascades and meet amazing people.

  • Harry Palmer says:

    Thanks for showing this area off to the rest of us. At one time I lived near the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It is also a salt basin but no algae that I’m aware of. Both have interesting things to see. One of these years I may actually try to see the Salton Sea, but I’m still looking to see a lot of the Rocky Mt. areas.

    I’m happy you are enjoying your “looking around”. The outfits you wear fit in very well to whatever the scene is you are pictured in. Please provide an update as to what you are thinking of your recent upgrades to the Jeep. Looks very nice, especially the color coordinated fuel cans on back.

    • Catie Mean says:

      Thank you so much. Yes, the Salton Sea is a cool place. I will have to check out the Great Salt Lake in Utah, sounds great! I have some upgrades in mind coming up in the near future. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@MakeHerMean) for daily updates on my build and adventures 😀

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