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Meet the Yeti… a slammed Jeep project.
Pfaff Designs’s founder Murray Pfaff is well known for the design of some iconic hot rods and Jeeps including the infamous “Double Headed” JK built for Ultimate Adventure. Murray just announced a new project for a new JK… this one interestingly titled Project Yeti. Now, if you are like me,... Read more
Could We Be Dreaming? Jeep Truck Spotted!
For years we’ve heard the rumors… Jeep truck this and Jeep truck that. And while FCA seemed to be ignoring this demand from the Jeep loving public, companies like AEV made a killing converting 4-door JK Wrangler Unlimited into, guess what, Jeep trucks. Well, it seems that FCA finally... Read more
300 HP Next Gen Jeep Wrangler? And it’s a 4 banger!
Sources inside Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA) has confirmed with the rockstar team at Automotive News that the next generation Jeep Wrangler, expected to hit dealerships in 2017, will feature a new “direct-injected inline four-cylinder engine with a twin-scroll turbocharger.” It’s expected that this aluminum blocked bad boy with pump... Read more
2018 Jeep Exclusive Spy Pics!
The stealthy team at SpiedBilde managed to catch some great shots of what purports to be the 2018 Jeep Wrangler that we expect to hit the market in 2017. Even though the 4-door Jeep has a hide-a-wrap on it, we spotted a few features that are worth mentioning. First,... Read more
Rugged Radios at LOORRS – It’s Official!
Rugged Radios announced today an an exciting new partnership as the Official Radio of the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series (LOORRS). When approached by LOORRS, Rugged Radios jumped at the opportunity to provide the best communication support available. With all new radios, headsets and accessories, the LOORRS Officials... Read more
AutoGuide: Ram Execs Annoyed at Jeep Pickup
According to a report from, in a recent interview with Bob Hegbloom, the head of Ram Truck, the promise of a future Jeep Truck has him “a little annoyed.” …there are rumblings that Jeep will once again offer a pickup, one based off the ever-popular Wrangler, something we... Read more
Next Generation Jeep Wrangler – Diesel/Hybrid Confirmed!
FiatChrysler (FCA) recently released their strategic plan for the Jeep brand which shows some surprising changes… According to Car & Driver Blog – The new Wrangler, which is due out in 2017, won’t offer the alternative powertrains at launch. Instead, a chart of Chrysler’s product plan showed the diesel... Read more
Jeep Wrangler will keep solid axles
Controversial? Maybe. But the word is that Jeep will keep its next generation Wrangler on solid axles. There have been lots of opinions as to whether or not Independent Front Suspensions (IFS) have advantages over solid axle vehicles  off-road. And I’m leaving that right there…   Read more
Mayor of Toledo and Jeep champion, Michael Collins, dies of cardiac arrest
As you may have heard, the mayor of Toledo Ohio has died after being taken off life support. He suffered cardiac arrest on Feb. 1. Mr. Collins had been fighting to keep production of the Jeep Wrangler at Fiat Chrysler’s Toledo Assembly Complex.  We don’t know if his efforts... Read more
One Cool Baja RZR!
Arguably the coolest RZR around, Looks can be deceiving, and as we watched the cover come off the new Baja RZR built by Rugged Radios our initial response was “Oh, that’s a nicely restored Bug.” By the time the cover was all the way off we realized this was no... Read more