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Warning! Post Wildfire Traumatic Stress Disorder is Real
Note: ModernJeepers should take heed of this valuable insight from Don Amador into the aftermath of devastating wildfires.  Our access back into these burned-out and devastated areas can wait until we get the “all clear” sign. The Editors With post-fire assessments underway on the Mendocino Complex and Carr Fires... Read more
7 Master Secrets to Survive with Conflict in Outdoor Recreation
We can fight it, try to ignore it, or learn to deal with it effectively; but conflict is inevitable in outdoor recreation. Club members disagree; users butt heads on trails; large organized groups don’t like what another group is doing, or turf battles have been going on for years.... Read more
ModernJeeper’s Cowboy Poetry: Ol’ Shep and the Wolf
We continue our series on Cowboy Poetry, reflecting on the western ranching lifestyle. The ModernJeeper likes to think that Cowboy Poetry could just as easily be called the Jeeper’s Poetry – associated with the lifestyle of the off-roader. Enjoy this series of our favorite cowboy (ModernJeeper) poetry every Saturday.... Read more
If the Trees Could Talk; Jeeping into Spanish Basque Country
Tree Carving Stories of the Spanish Basque Sheep Herders The camp was like many he had enjoyed over the few years since he had immigrated from Spanish Basque Country to the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Shade was cool and refreshing, water was abundant and the sheep... Read more
Got Jeep? Get Skillz… SkillzDay Returns in October
The JK Wrangler represented the single largest influx of new Jeep owners in the history of the Jeep. With over 1.7 million built in the North American market alone, hundreds of thousands of first timers were driving off of Jeep dealer lots across the country with a brand new,... Read more
Call to Action:  Help Us Save Wildfire-Destroyed Jeepin’ Trails
SPECIAL REPORT All of us at ModernJeeper are worried that many of our OHV and Jeeping trails will be lost forever to the rage of wildfires affecting the West. But we can fix it… Join us in helping to recover and repair our trails lost to the raging infernos... Read more
ModernJeeper’s Cowboy Poetry: The Sweetwater Mountains
Cowboy Poetry is defined as “a type of folk poetry associated with the lifestyle of cattle ranching in western North America.” The ModernJeeper likes to think that Cowboy Poetry could be just as easily called, the Jeeper’s Poetry – associated with the lifestyle of the off-roader. To that part, we... Read more
Modern Jeeper Adventures: The Rubicon Trail
When you talk about the Rubicon Trail with most people, they  don’t have a clue what you are talking about. But when you talk to the avid offroader, you see the light in their eyes and the smile to follow. The Rubicon Trail is historic and is on every... Read more
[pics] Jeeps Invade Toledo Raising $600,000
Toledo, Ohio, is the true home of the Jeep Wrangler. From the original Toledo-based Willys-Overland contract nearly eight decades ago that started the Jeep legend, to the commitment from late FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne to continue manufacturing the new JL Wrangler, Toledoans have a strong connection to the Jeep... Read more
Eldo National Forest Reorg:  “care for the land and people”
The El Dorado National Forest, home of some of the best Jeep Trails in the world including our personal favorite, The Rubicon Trail, recently announced a complete re-organization. According to the announcement, Forest Supervisor Laurence Crabtree said “I’ve asked my staff to take a look at how we can... Read more