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6 Tips on Land Use Letter Writing for Impact
Whenever the government proposes changes to our Jeeping trails and access, “comments” are solicited from the public.  Learning to write comments (letters) the right way makes all the difference.  Here’s a tutorial that we want to share with you at least once a year.  First published here in July... Read more
Exposed!  My Date with a Paper Plate
Picking Up Trash; What does it take? Are you disgusted by the trash left alongside so many freeways and highways in America? Why do you suppose people throw out their trash instead of just finding a trash can? Have you noticed some of our trails having trash as well?... Read more
Special Alert! Will Fossil Fuels Be the End of Us?
Special to ModernJeeper by Jim Bramham, Past President Calif. 4WD Assoc., Board Member, American Sand Association, and 2018 Inductee to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame who we heard first use this phrase, random use of fossil fuels.   The Editors Random Use of Fossil Fuels When the anti-access folks... Read more
5 Steps to Put a Shine On Our Motorized and Jeeping Image
Perception Can Shut Us Down —  The Image of Recreationists Photo: 4/02, Del in middle of Vice President Dick Cheney and congressman John T. Doolittle, working towards enhancing the image of the Rubicon Trail Perception is a reality – we all have heard that. So if the public perceives... Read more
Warning!  Motorized Outlaws Ruin It for All
PURPOSEFUL OR ACCIDENTAL, THE RESULTS ARE DISASTROUS Motorized outlaw and idiot behavior that endangers our sport must come to an end. Recreationists must start volunteer trail patrols, report bad behavior and exert peer pressure to curtail the idiot factor that will get our trails shut down. We must also... Read more
Code Red! Oceano Dunes (Pismo) “Death by a Thousand Fence Posts.”  Action Needed
Oceano Dunes Under Attack – Closures Imminent According to the Friends of Oceano Dunes, the famous, long-term beach OHV recreation area known as Oceano Dunes (in the past called Pismo Dunes), are under heavy attack for more restrictions and even closures. The “Friends” were formed in 2001 and have... Read more
Rational Apathy!  Could It Be the Slow Death of Outdoor Recreation?
Special to ModernJeeper by Del & Stacie Albright, confirmed patriots and landuse warriors dedicated to keeping outdoor sports and Jeeping alive and well. The Editors PASS ON YOUR PASSION America has become a society of media hype, slanted education and brain washing, starting with kids in daycare school learning... Read more
[pics] Story Told! Land Use Guy from the Navy
We asked ModernJeeper contributor, author and land use advocate Todd Ockert to tell his story.  We featured him a while back as one of our veteran heroes, but his land use tale is worth hearing.  Like some others, he served our country to maintain our freedoms and now he... Read more
[pics] Rock Zombie Bikini Rig Wash – Saving Trails One Wash at a Time
WASHING YOUR RIG HAS NEVER BEEN SO MUCH FUN! Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 10 AM – 5 PM VFW 8990 Kruitof Way Fair Oaks, California 95628 ModernJeepers support landuse and keeping trails open — and this unique way created by the Rock Zombies 4×4 Club of Orangevale, CA... Read more
Vital Actions to Save Your Trails
Kurt Schneider wrote this for ModernJeeper last year, but as we approach four-wheeling/Jeeping season, we can’t help but flashback on his message that will help ensure we all keep to keep doing what we love to do in the great outdoors.  Please find a way to take his suggestions... Read more