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With such a great following of Modern Jeepers, we asked Catie to give us a special look at how she got started in this... [catie’s corner] [pics] Behind The Scenes With Make Her Mean

With such a great following of Modern Jeepers, we asked Catie to give us a special look at how she got started in this Jeeping lifestyle and what it means to her.

The Editors

If you follow my Instagram account, you know I’ve been on the road over two years now. What many of you don’t know is how it all started. I didn’t create my Make Her Mean blog or social media accounts until seven months into my road trip (sorry!), mostly because I never knew I’d be on the road so long. What was supposed to be a three month trip to Texas has turned into more than two years of insane adventures all across the United States and Canada…and I’m still not done yet¬†ūüėŹ

Back in July 2017, I walked out of the Jeep dealership and stepped into my brand new Jeep. Two weeks later, I left the East Coast with my JK, Bella, with a destination of Austin, Texas. I spent months exploring all over Texas, including San Antonio, Dallas, South Padre Island, Houston, and so many more fun places. I even ran supplies back and forth to from Austin to Houston after Hurricane Harvey hit. What I saw was devastating, but it was incredible seeing the Texas community come together to help build everyone back up.

Texas is crawling with mean Jeeps and is also where I found my passion for building out Jeeps. But as much as I love Texas and everything it has to offer, eventually my adventurous self set out for the Pacific Northwest. I spent many seasons exploring all around Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada. I also spent more time building out my Jeep.

My heart fell in love with the amazing mountain scenery of the northwest, but I knew I had to see more.

Next, I headed down to the American Southwest, where I suffered through the hottest summer of my life, but also explored some of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever seen. It was wild seeing giant cacti and roaming the deserts. This region is also where I finally lifted Bella with that mean 3.5″ Metalcloak lift and we’ve been hitting the big girl trails ever since (even picking up a few Jeep badges of honor along the way).

There are a ton of awesome trails scattered all over the Southwest.

But as winter approaches, in true nomad fashion, I packed up my Jeep and hit the road yet again. I am now en route to explore the East Coast! This part of my journey is still very much unwritten. I tend to go where the wind takes me. Be sure to check out my Instagram to see where I’m currently at.

That Johnny Cash song “I’ve Been Everywhere”¬†might as well be my theme song. I’ve been to a lot of the places he names off in the song, (right down to the dusty Winnemucca road), and I plan on hitting every one of them.

Although life on the road sounds super cool, it is so far from glamorous it’s not even funny. Every day is a struggle and it’s hard to live such an uprooted life. Despite the hardships, my heart craves adventure and I have no end in sight of this journey as of now.

Thank you so much for following my crazy journey! Now that you all know a little bit more about me, drop a comment and let me know where you’re from.


Catie Mean

Just a girl and her Wrangler roadtripping around the USA and Canada, while building my Jeep along the way. Each week I'll share fun adventures from my corner of the world.

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