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Don’t Let Inclement Weather Dampen Camping Experience
You pull up to the campsite after a long day on the trails. You’re tired and anxious for the evening to begin. A light drizzle has followed you along all afternoon, with no end in sight. So much for relaxing around the campfire. What to do? Get creative during... Read more
Badlands Off Road Adventures Clinic!
We had a very successful AWD only clinic in February. We are planning another clinic for March 18th in Borrego Springs, CA.  This all-day clinic will provide the knowledge and skills to drive an AWD vehicle off-road. The clinic is schedule for March 18th from 8:30am to 4:30 pm.... Read more
Be A Good Sport: Tread Lightly
The nation (and world) continues to bounce back from the from the pandemic. A sure sign of that can be found in the large crowds that visit our parks, national forests and other public lands. While it’s nice to see so many people enjoying the outdoors, there is greater... Read more
What We Share And Don’t Share Off-Road
One December about five years ago, I took a group to Saline Valley to celebrate New Year’s Eve. While at the campsite I realized I didn’t have a tent. Completely forgot to pack it that day. As a seasoned four-wheeler, this basic blunder was especially difficult to swallow. On... Read more
Useful Gadgets For The Four-Wheeler!
Tis the season for gift giving…whether for yourself or another four-wheeling aficionado. With that in mind, Santa Tom offers up these fine gifts and ideas sure to please any four-wheeler or other outdoors enthusiast. Continuous ratchet strap: Most ratchet straps have a hook on each end. A continuous ratchet... Read more
It’s a Lug Nut – What Could Go Wrong?
Tires. Axles. Control arms. Body and frame. You name it. Just about anything that could get damaged while off-road will at some point. More than once, for those who drive frequently. And some of those issues can be serious. But a lug nut? Who would think that a humble... Read more
Refresh Your Contingency Plan Before Tackling Obstacle
Every four-wheeling excursion involves some preparation. Even individual components of the trip can require careful planning to ensure a smooth drive. This is especially true when negotiating hills. Whether climbing or descending, knowing how to handle certain situations can mean the difference between continuing on and getting stuck. Before... Read more
Four-Wheeling Requires Commitment and Sound Judgement Decision Making
Four-wheeling entails constant alertness and decision-making. Even easier courses require the driver to be focused at all times. Any sort of obstacle increases the decision-making process exponentially. Certain situations require knowing when to throttle up and when to back off to try again. Every instance is unique and requires... Read more
Expand Your Dutch Oven Options With a Camp Chef Cooking System
Dutch ovens are great for cooking in the outdoors over charcoal and wood. Most hot dishes prepared at home can be enjoyed in the field as well. Four-wheelers often cook stews, casseroles, and similar dishes in a Dutch oven. What if you’re in the mood for baked goods? My... Read more
Old-Timers – A Good Resource for Trip Details
I was scouting a new trail in the Parashant National Monument, located in the Grand Canyon. At one point I wanted to take a shortcut, but didn’t know if the road ahead was open. A recent storm had me concerned about a washout. If the road were passable and... Read more