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MJ Destinations POI: Brushy Mountain Prison, Petros, TN
All too often we Jeepers get too hung up on hitting the toughest, wildest, muddiest trails we can find. I must be honest; I am as guilty as anyone on this. On this destination, we are going to take a step back from the trails and check out one... Read more
ModernJeeper Destinations: Hell’s Canyon, Duff, Tennessee [Updated!]
Hell’s Canyon…A trail that will test every piece of equipment on your Jeep. A trail that can and will break your junk. Some say that it is cursed. Some say that it is not designed for Jeeps. And I say it is my nemesis. UPDATE: We have been contacted... Read more
Let’s Keep Our Trails Clean! Hold My Beer…
Weekends on the trail are a blast. There is nothing like waking up to the cool summer air, removing the doors, top, and loading down the cooler with the day’s goodies. All too often I see rigs on the trail and see the driver with a can of beer... Read more
Making Lifetime Memories Off-Road with Grandpa
Special to ModernJeeper by Phillip Thorpe, known to many from the ModernJeeper Forum.  We appreciate hearing stories of off-roading, jeeping, the great outdoors and family. The Editors Paw Paw Takes Me Hunting (and Off-Roading) Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm blares letting me know its 4:30am and it’s time to... Read more
Getting Dirty with Rock Racing on the East Coast
ROCK RACING — BRIDGING THE PASSION BETWEEN JEEPING AND WILD ROCK SPORTS I grew up in a family that loved racing. As far back as I can remember it seems like my family was watching a race or talking about one. With that said, my grandfather was friends with... Read more
A David and Goliath Story: Fearless and the Big Rocks
Once my wife and I decided it was time to make the sacred journey to Moab, I knew it was time to make some serious upgrades to Jackhammer,  my Jeep JKU Rubicon.  Like many of us, we turned to the forums and friends to determine what we should get... Read more