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Four-Wheeling Faux Pas
THINGS WE SHOULD NOT DO TO OUR RIGS This past weekend, my sons and I loaded up the flat fender on the trailer and headed off to Hollister Hills to do some wheeling with the 4×4 club TDO. The second I pulled my tow rig to a stop at... Read more
Revealed! Five “Must Join” 4×4 Social Media Groups
ONLINE TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS AND CLUBS Technology has changed the world, and ourselves, more than most of us realize. People tend to see technology as a good thing, but with our constant quest for new technology, it seems that we do not think about the negative consequences... Read more
The Case for Forest Roads
John Muir is often portrayed as a naturalist that wanted nothing more than to preserve our western forests. That view of Muir is not entirely correct. Most people today do not realize that John Muir was actually an advocate for access. Many of his descriptive writings about Yosemite were... Read more
Breaking it Down: Cheap Jeeps!
Advantages and Disadvantages of Five Budget Jeeps to get you into the Lifestyle   Cheap and Jeep are two words that do not go together. The old adage “Just Empty Every Pocket” is very fitting, especially when buying a brand new jeep off a dealer’s lot, not to mention... Read more
BREAKING NEWS: National Protection of OHV Areas Achieved!
On March 12th, 2019 President Trump signed into law S. 47, the Conservation Management and Recreation Act, which previously was passed in the Senate and House overwhelmingly last month. This Act includes legislation that Rep. Paul Cook introduced in the last Congress, including the California Off-road Recreation and Conservation... Read more
Milestar’s Patagonia MT – A Tire to Conquer Anything
Editors Note: We are proud at ModernJeeper to have great industry partners, including the company represented in this review. We are also very proud of the thorough reviews provided by our independent contributors who do not directly benefit from our affiliation with these partners. FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF THE MILESTAR... Read more
Race Morning

Race Morning

Motorsports January 24, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to race in the famous King of the Hammers? Here is an insight from someone who has been through it.   Your cell phone alarm goes off in the pitch black of your RV, startling you awake. In your exhausted... Read more
The Gazebo

The Gazebo

Land Use Updates December 18, 2018

AN ANALOGY ABOUT THE MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC LANDS AND THE PEOPLE THAT USE THE LAND Once upon a time, there was a beautiful gazebo, surrounded by a well manicured park, in the middle of a small town square. Built many years ago with tax dollars, the gazebo was public... Read more
Festive Four Wheeling

Festive Four Wheeling

Lifestyle December 14, 2018

It is the Christmas season! The most wheeling-ful time of the year! Depending on where you live, that may or not be a true statement. In areas like the South-West, wheeling in the desert is much nicer in Winter than heading out on the trail in the blazing hot... Read more
Off-Roading Is Not a Hobby; It’s a Lifestyle
I recently made a decision that most people would not label as “sane.” This past July when my son turned sixteen and got his driver’s license, I immediately went out and bought him a 1941 Jeep Willy’s MB on 35 inch tires for a daily driver. When my co-workers... Read more