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Rock Crawling 101 — Kurt’s 7 Commandments!
So you just bought a Jeep are are itching to test it off-road. Before you chunk that thing into four wheel drive, there are many things that you need to know in order to not only be successful on the trail, but to keep your vehicle and even yourself... Read more
The Most Dreaded Phrase in Four Wheeling
My mid-life crisis began this summer on the Rubicon trail. While attending the Steaks and Stories event with my son, I saw the new Jeep Gladiator for the first time in person. With a decent lift and 37 inch tires on it, my salivary glands started gushing as it... Read more
It Is Time to Cross the Rubicon NOW!
LET THE DIE BE CAST! Julius Caesar had just delivered a major ass-whupping. He had been fighting in the Gallic wars against 3 million Gauls who were just as strong as the Romans militarily. Even so, Caesar managed to annihilate 1 million Gauls, enslave another million, subjugate 300 different... Read more
Warning! How Not to Die On the Trail
EVEN THE BEST LAID JEEPING PLANS CAN GO BAD One summer several years ago, my buddy Kris and I planned a four-night, weekday trip on the trail with our kids. While the weekends can get busy, camping on the trail during the week ensures that few people are around... Read more
Vital Actions to Save Your Trails
Kurt Schneider wrote this for ModernJeeper last year, but as we approach four-wheeling/Jeeping season, we can’t help but flashback on his message that will help ensure we all keep to keep doing what we love to do in the great outdoors.  Please find a way to take his suggestions... Read more
The Disastrous Death Blow of the Ghost Town of Bodie
The oft-forgotten Eastern Sierra  along the CA/NV border has a vast wealth of really cool off-pavement places to explore in a 4×4. Here is one story from that area that may motivate you to get some dirt on your tires. The Editors Just after midnight, on March 7th 1911,... Read more
Winch Out; Don’t Spin Out; and Help Keep Jeepin’ Alive
HOW YOUR WINCH HELPS KEEP PUBLIC LANDS PUBLIC   A couple weeks ago on my 4×4 club’s annual spring run, we were traveling down a trail that was mostly snow covered. The trail had occasional patches of dirt where the snow had melted, and mud where runoff was crossing... Read more
Be Tuned In! A Rubicon Trail Primer [Part II]
Part II of the Rubicon Trail Primer by Kurt Schneider.  In the Jeeping world, it never hurts to be fully prepared for whatever obstacles come you way. In Part I we covered things like go with a buddy, know how to fix your junk, and be prepared. Now here... Read more
Be Tuned In! A Rubicon Trail Primer [Part I]
We are pleased to present this special two-part series by ModernJeeper contributor Kurt Schneider who lives not far from the Rubicon Trail, and who walks the walk, and talks the talk. Enjoy… The Editors INSIDER TIPS AND TRICKS FOR ENJOYING THE RUBICON TRAIL So you want to run the... Read more
Be Aware! Things to Know About Trail Etiquette
SOME UNWRITTEN RULES OF THE OFF-ROAD CULTURE Have you ever had to start a new job? The first few weeks at that new company, you kind of need to lay low and get the lay of the land to see how things work there. Every company is different, and... Read more