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[pics] The Magic and Mystery of Death Valley with Modern Jeepers
It’s not too late to join us for our second ModernJeeper Adventures to Death Valley in March 2020.   The canyons are full of the echos of the old mining days and gold exploration gone by.  Tales of deadmen, wagons burned, gunsights lost, parched and mummified bodies await you –... Read more
[pics] Old Homemade Brush Buggy Launches Land Use Career
Wheels of Time – the Tale of the “Lobster” We called it “The Lobster” because I guess you could say it looked like one. With two bug eyes (headlights) peeking out from alongside an exposed radiator, and a tail that swished around plenty in the sand washes of southern... Read more
[pics] Who Invented the Ecosystem and Why Care? (Part 1)
Part 1 of a special 3-part series in landuse and environmental science providing a greater understanding of how these cannot be separated if we want to save trails and keep our motorized recreation sports alive and well. The Editors Environmental Science, Part 1; Ecosystem Management To be an effective... Read more
7 Shortcuts and Life Saving Tips for Talking to the Press/Media
Tips on Speaking to the Media/Press About Your Club or Event One of the best ways to keep off-road motorsports alive is to talk it up!   Letting people know what we do, why we love it, and what it means to our families is the gateway to keeping our... Read more
Don’t Be Afraid! Give that Speech; Save that Trail
PUBLIC SPEAKING MADE EASY AND FEARLESS Having to give a speech in public is a scary thought to most people. In fact, recent polls by ModernJeeper and landuse advocacy groups rank public speaking as the number one fear for volunteers. But as leaders of volunteers, access advocates, or club... Read more
News! The Ford Bronco to One-Up the Jeep Wrangler?
Ford Bronco to One-Up Jeep with a Removable Roll Cage Modern Jeepers who live in sunny states from Florida to California knows how much fun it is to drive open-air, top-down, flying free in our Jeeps.  How about driving without a roll cage on those sunny pavement days? We... Read more
[pics] Reno 911 and Cops on Our Trails?
Law Enforcement is an Essential Tool in Today’s Motorized World Every Modern Jeeper knows we must have rules to keep order and balance on our freeways as we do on our trails. It is just the way things are in this busy world. But do we need cops on... Read more
Revealed!  6 Secret Tips for Sitting at the Land Use Table
USUALLY OUT-NUMBERED AND ALWAYS UNDER THE LIGHTS What’s it like at the land use table? Sitting there under the hot lights of the meeting room, “Joe the Wheeler” perspired while gritting his teeth and tapping his booted foot. He was frustrated.   As a club delegate he had volunteered... Read more
Turn5 Scholarship for College Kids Program Update
Auto Parts Retailer Awards College Scholarships for 2020 Turn5, Inc. Grants $11,000 in Q4 – Over $90,000 to Date We at ModernJeeper are pleased to share this press release about an awesome program for kids! In our book, anyone who is helping the future of our sport deserves all... Read more
[pics] 22 Years of Building a Jeep — Oh, the Mistakes (and Some Notable Successes); Part 2
Part 2 of the build story of my old Red Jeep, “Seein’ Red” as we call him. C UN RD (license plate), the Land Use War Machine has had 5 suspensions; 4 rear ends; 4 sets of wheels; 3 front ends; 3 transfer cases; and 3 sets of seats,... Read more