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5 Tips for Dealing with Compromise in Land Use
They Wouldn’t Compromise. Why Would You? Our forefathers did not want to compromise with our liberties. They didn’t want our country founded on compromise. To compromise means to give up something. In their case, they were building something, not giving up something (other than oppression). But if you’re new... Read more
Special Edition:  Jeep Gladiator Gets Stop-Sale Order!
Rear Drive Shaft Issue Halts Sale of the Gladiator Fiat Chrysler discovered a manufacturing defect with the pickup truck’s rear driveshaft with potentially 5% of 3500 vehicles affected. ModernJeepers with Gladiators beware! HIGHLIGHTS: • Fiat Chrysler is temporarily stopping sales of the popular Jeep Gladiator pickup truck because of... Read more
What Makes a Good Day in the Land Use World?
A Bit of Philosophy to Help You Choose and Allow How Your Day Goes In the fight for access to public lands, it’s not always easy to have a good day. It seems we’re always in an uphill struggle or arguing objectively with someone who lives on emotional pleas.... Read more
Danger!  Sleepy Meetings Ahead — NOT!
Running Better Meetings has a Magic Formula that Works! Running better meetings (meeting management) is not a hard skill to learn. It can be done. Whether it be for land use and access, CEO’s of major corporations, or a government body. This formula works. ********************* Are you attending more... Read more
4 Ghost Towns; 1 Road; 1 Day — Mission: Explore Elko, NV by Jeep
The “Gem of Nevada” Trail System And Four Ghost Towns on One Trail in One Day By Del & Stacie Albright The sweet smell of high desert sage drifted in the air as Stacie and I wheeled our Jeep along the flower-dotted dirt road headed towards the top of... Read more
News!  Revtek Suspension Now a Daystar Brand
DAYSTAR PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL CONTINUES TO GROW ModernJeepers appreciate how Mark Turner, CEO of Daystar Products International has been making headlines in the off-road aftermarket industry for years. With lift kits, polyurethane kits and bushings, recovery gear, cam cans, air bag cradles and more, Daystar is well know to many... Read more
Avoid Burnout! Concentrate Your Efforts by Managing Your Monkeys
MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR PERSONAL EFFORTS It’s encouraging to see so many recreationists getting involved these days in the land use/public lands access battles. In fact, now we face a time when some of us old land use horses are starting to sag under the burden of doing... Read more
[pics & vid] Declaration of Battle! From Jarbidge, Nevada Shovels to the Future of the Rubicon Trail
“FOURTH BRANCH” OF GOVERNMENT – THE UN-ELECTED TAKE BACK A TRAIL In this story and further history of the Rubicon Trail, we must bring forth some more little known facts about our trail in the last couple decades — and how these facts impact all other trails and roads... Read more
The Ride Along — Taking Elected Officials on the Trail to Save Trails
Land use on the ground, users taking politicians on the trail… Getting to know our politicians so that we can get them on our side is probably the biggest challenge we face as off pavement recreationists in the upcoming years; and especially as we move into the future. Without... Read more
6 Tips on Land Use Letter Writing for Impact
Whenever the government proposes changes to our Jeeping trails and access, “comments” are solicited from the public.  Learning to write comments (letters) the right way makes all the difference.  Here’s a tutorial that we want to share with you at least once a year.  First published here in July... Read more