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[pics] 22 Years of Building a Jeep — Oh, the Mistakes (and Some Notable Successes); Part 1
TAKING A STOCK TJ WRANGLER TO ROCK CRAWLING LEVEL “Red” the Land Use War Machine “Jeep Albright” has been around the block a time or two, graced the covers of several magazines, traveled hundreds of trails, and had four (4) rebuilds with dozens of changes and upgrades.  Millions of... Read more
Ladies!  Lipstick and Lobster — Trail and Camp Cooking Tips
Stacie Albright Shares Trail Secrets and Tips for the Ladies Hey ladies this is for you! Even if you are a ‘seasoned’ off roader or a ‘newb’ to the scene, here are some little tips and tricks about keeping up our looks, a few dynamite recipes and some of... Read more
Border to Border – Mexico to Canada; All Dirt Roads; My Personal Ultimate Jeep Adventure
10th Anniversary of an Incredible Jeep Overlanding Adventure Mexico to Canada, all dirt roads; two guys; one dog and one Jeep. Join me on this 10th Anniversary as I recap one of the most amazing adventures of my Jeeping times. In 2009, noted adventurer and world traveler Chris Collard... Read more
[pics] It’s Time! Step Up and Lead Volunteers
Inspire, Motivate, Facilitate – and Organize In our Jeeping, volunteer world there’s a trick to leading volunteers. We do not wear rank and cannot scream orders like we’re in the military.  We need to learn to be more nurturing and coaching, while still getting things done.  Here’s some magical... Read more
[pics & vid] Restoring Trails After Wildfire; Stonyford OHV
PWORA and OVERLAND BOUND; TRAIL GUARDIANS on the MENDOCINO NATIONAL FOREST October 4-6, 2019 a dozen volunteers from the Post Wildfire OHV Recovery Alliance (PWORA) and Overland Bound tackled a major conservation project to help protect a sensitive wildlife and cultural resource area, while rebuilding OHV infrastructure to ensure... Read more
Important! The “Top 10” In Land Use and Access
Take this Nationwide Survey to Help Save Trails By Del Albright and Todd Ockert The room was packed with wheelers as the speaker up front tried to calm folks down. There was a gate being proposed on a significant trail and people were unhappy. “Why does anyone care about... Read more
[pics] Jeeping the Fall Colors of Eastern Sierra Nevada
Fall Colors Explosion of Eastern California/Western Nevada My old red Jeep was making its way through the desert sage-surrounded trail, getting a little “pin striping” as we poked along. For miles we could see mostly the juniper trees, pinyon pine and sage brush that eastern California and western Nevada... Read more
12 Tips to Being Super Human: Basic Training For ModernJeepers
We are bringing up a crucial flashback from December last year because recently we have heard and seen incidents that show some behavior that will get our trails shut down.  All of us at ModernJeeper, Metalcloak and Cloakworks4x4 are fully dedicated to setting good examples and keeping our motorized... Read more
4 Steps to Forming State Level Motorized Councils/Groups
SAVE THE DAY WITH A STATEWIDE MOTORIZED RECREATION COUNCIL/GROUP! Overview The solution to a positive future for motorized recreation lies in more unity among users. Statewide cooperation and coordination between different modalities (like dirt bikes, 4×4, atv, utv, etc.) are key to ending the dauntless onslaught of anti-access propaganda... Read more
Caution!  Never Underestimate Your Opponents
Learning to not underestimate your opponents is one of the best ways to preserve our land use and access interests. All motorized recreation organizations are fighting daily to do this, but we must do our individual part also. Never assume our opponents will understand the variety of our motorized... Read more