JL Windshield Cracked Already? Go Gorrilla Glass
With a recent string of broken windshields on the next generation JL Wrangler, Mopar has stepped up with the ultimate solution: Gorilla Glass. Originally announced in 2008, Gorilla Glass is a brand developed by Corning and first saw prominence in early smart phone applications including the iPhone. Corning has... Read more
BREAKING: Jeep May Halt Production of JL, Claims Redesign Needed
EDITOR’S NOTE 4-2-18: This was published on April Fools Day, of course. 😉 Hope you enjoyed it and thank you all who shared it on Facebook. Easter marks the traditional end of the Annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah… a week of incredible wheeling with enthusiasts from all... Read more
Jeep’s Trick or Treat Surprise – JL Wrangler Photos Released at SEMA
In a classic Halloween surprise, Jeep’s afternoon press conference at SEMA did not disappoint. The sign innocuously stated there would be a Mopar brand press event. For those who were truly curious and willing to hang out, they were given a special Halloween treat. Mopar and Jeep officials showed... Read more