Jeep Beach CTITour 2015 – Part 1
The Jeep Community remains to be one of the most impressive collaborations of people I have ever been involved with or a part of. During the months of April and May, Modern Jeeper travelled almost 7000 miles on our first scheduled CTI tour (Corner Travel Index) (Website) , meeting... Read more
EJS – CRAWL Mag Readers Ride – Black Flag
According to Merriam-Webster the definition of “Extreme” is as follows: a  :  existing in a very high degree <extreme poverty> b  :  going to great or exaggerated lengths :  radical <went on an extreme diet> c  :  exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected <extreme weather conditions> d  :  of, relating to, or being an outdoor activity or a... Read more
Easter Jeep Safari ’15  – Warn Media Run
It seems that out of all the events that take place throughout the year, Easter Jeep Safari (EJS) in Moab, Utah has become the kickoff event of the season. The mad dash for folks that live in the cooler states to rush to finish their projects in time for... Read more
Easter Jeep Safari Is Days Away!
Each year many thousands of outdoor enthusiasts descend upon the town of Moab, Utah for it’s annual Easter Jeep Safari, now celebrating its 49th year! Even if you are not into the off-road scene, Moab has so much to offer everyone and even spectating can provide hours of entertainment!... Read more
The Event Season Is Upon Us!
This weekend appears to be the “kickoff” for many events as well as the beginning of the season for some jeepers in some areas (how’s that for limiting the scope of the audience?). The the folks out in the West, well, its business as usual with this weekend’s event... Read more
What Did You Do Last Night?
Angles. Momentum. Confidence. Determination. Those four words have new meanings for me today. And, it turns out, that in the world of heavy recovery and towing, those are the only things that you really need…well, those things and the equipment and knowledge to use it. Things that are beneficial... Read more
Basic Wranglers Do Still Exist!
Car and Driver did a great write-up with regards to purchasing a new Wrangler. We have become so accustomed to the creature comforts and technology options that are available I think we have forgotten about the basics from which we came from. When I purchased my last Wrangler, I... Read more
An Awesome Build of a 1966 Trailer
Thanks to Chris Cordes and the folks at Expedition Portal for sharing one of the finest examples of what can be done in converting an older trailer into something worthy of Expedition Jeeping! Read more
A JK Built For Serious Fun!
We all have the passion to get outdoors and explore the lands that surround us and we all run into the same problem eventually: We want to go places that are limited by the vehicle we drive! Gene Martin was no exception. He ended up building a Jeep that... Read more
What does “overlanding” mean to you?
Whether it be an expedition through South America or a trip to your folks house across town, the term “overlanding” can have a number of meanings. In the off-road world, we typically associate the word with something very extreme and very far…in fact the distance to travel has become... Read more